Living in Hollywood Heights: The Mystique of the High Tower

 Living in Hollywood Heights in the early 1960’s as a child with my father was exciting. He had a two bedroom apartment at the top of Rockledge Road, off of Camrose, nestled in the hills behind the Hollywood Bowl.  He would often entertain.  His guests consisted of creative and colorful personalities, ranging from advertising executives, […]

The Perfect Daughter

Courtney stood in the doorway.  Her heart pounded with the frenetic energy of a trapped bird fighting for life.  She tried to concentrate on her breathing. “Mama?” she whispered in the darkness.  “Mama? Are you awake?” She peered into her mother’s bedroom hoping today would be a good day.  As she stepped into the disheveled […]

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Kimberly Mack


Kimberly Mack is a writer residing in Los Angeles, CA.  She is a jack-of-all-trades in the writing arena who is passionate about the written word.  Her articles and interviews have been featured in The Tolucan Times, and, as a reporter and freelance writer covering events and promoting businesses.  She is a copywriter having worked for artists advertising their work with compelling and catchy writing that draws in the reader.  Kimberly’s work is also showcased at  She is currently working on a compilation of her short stories.

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