Hollywood Piano’s Glenn Treibitz and Cheryl Fox: Sharing Their Passion

hollywood pianoIt’s the weekend of the 86th Academy Awards and despite the rain mercilessly pummeling the city; Hollywood Piano’s Burbank store is busy with customers.  The Wall of Fame and original neon sign welcome one and all.  The beautiful and vast collection of grand pianos and uprights will make your fingers long to touch the ivory keys, and have you falling in love before you play your first note.

Owned and operated by brother and sister team Glen Treibitz, president and Christy Fox, vice president, Hollywood Piano has been the premiere piano retailer servicing the Los Angeles metropolitan area and the “go-to” piano place in the movie and entertainment industry since 1928.

Hollywood Piano came into fame with their original store at Hollywood and Highland, and the release of the first “talkie,” the 1927 Warner Bros. film, The Jazz Singer.  Their list of clientele and patrons reads like a Who’s-Who of Hollywood.  Frank Sinatra was a regular customer, as was Jerry Lewis, Walt Disney, and movie mogul Louis B. Meyer.  More recent patrons have been Robert Pattison, Steve Wonder, Jay Leno and Lana Del Rey.  The list goes on.  The day Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell were photographed putting their handprints in cement at Grauman’s, they paid an impromptu visit to Hollywood Piano.  Russell played and Monroe sang.  The customers went wild.

The entertainment and movie industry has had a love affair with the piano for decades and given us wonderful moments and award winning films such as The Pianist and The Piano.  In the 1971 Best Picture Five Easy Pieces, we are treated to an impromptu recital as Jack Nicholson, fed up with traffic strolls down the highway to discover an upright piano in the back of a truck.  In the 1988 film, Big, Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia play Heart & Soul on a giant keyboard.  And the famous Herman Hupfeld tune “As Time Goes By,” in Casablanca, sung and played by Dooley Wilson?  That piano was supplied by Hollywood Piano.  They’ve provided pianos and top service to hit shows such as Will & Grace, Desperate Housewives, I Love Lucy and All in the Family.

Treibitz and Fox’s passion for music and the arts inspires them to be involved in the community. In their quest to further music education, they also work with the L.A. Chamber of Commerce, schools and non-profits.  “We care,” says Treibitz. “And music has always been an important part of our lives.”

Last fall, Treibitz and Fox, a graduate of the Boston Conservatory, launched the Hollywood Piano Academy of Music.  It encompasses multiple practice rooms and classrooms.  They offer piano lessons for all ages, “Mommy & Me” classes and piano story time for toddlers.  The academy is also proud to feature the patent pending Andrew Weitz Miracle Piano Course, teaching the student to play after just a few lessons.

Besides the tremendous joy derived from playing the piano, studies have shown a marked improvement in confidence, self esteem, patience, coordination and SAT scores. Treibitz and Fox readily agree there are many health benefits to playing music.

But, what matters most to Treibitz and Fox is building relationships with integrity and professionalism and delivering high-level customer service. Their sales staff is knowledgeable and helpful.  First time piano buyers and renters will be steered in the right direction.  “It’s great to be able to set up someone with the right piano,” says Fox.

“We have direct involvement and we’re ‘hands-on’ everyday,” adds Treibitz. “There is something for everyone here, and we’re passionate about music.  We know what a difference it can make in someone’s life.  What can be better than that?”

Hollywood Piano is located at 323 South Front Street, Burbank, CA 91502 and is open seven days a week.

Visit their website at www.hollywoodpiano.com

Reprinted from the Tolucan Times March 5, 2014

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