A Man and His Chips

I was in abonaventuren elevator the other day with a young man, maybe mid-30’s,  who was eating a bag of Doritos.  It was silent inside except for the whirring of our descent to the main floor and his crunching and chewing.  The rustling of the bag echoed off the walls.  We were alone.  He was quite intent on his chore, as he never looked  anywhere other than into his little cellophane bag.  I was hesitant on speaking to him for fear of breaking his spell.   He seemed so…focused.  And I was fascinated by his focus.  And as the elevator doors wooshed open I suddenly thought…okay, this would make a great commercial.   The ideas came pouring out.  So, you see you never know where inspiration may strike.  Stranger things have happened in an elevator…and I found some in an elevator with a man and his chips.  And not a word was spoken.

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