Writing Short Stores – An Interview With Kimberly Mack

www.writeonamerica.us   The Long Life of Short Stories With Kimberly Mack Kimberly Mack chats with Write On America about the art of writing short stories, and gives a reading of her latest, “The Slow Burn” … Kimberly Mack is a writer and artist residing in Los Angeles, CA. She is a passionate writer and photographer who writes in a variety of genres; from straight news, fantasy and noir pieces. Her noir work is her latest endeavor and offers its reader an added surprise as it’s sometimes written from the viewpoint of a man. She couples her short stories with a dramatic photograph she has taken of an iconic building or vista in Los Angeles.      Mack is also a freelance writer for the Tolucan Times, and has a column for Examiner.com. One of her current projects is a photography book on Los Angeles due out later this year. She is also working on a collection of her short noir stories and photographs for publication.   www.writeonamerica.us

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