Johnny Ow and Alice L. Walker Present …

Johnny Ow and Alice L. Walker Present


 A Rock-n-Romance Ballet”

Johnny Ow, Executive Producer and Alice L. Walker, Producer and Choreographer of A Sorta Big Productions, (ABSP) will present their first production of “Cinderella – A Rock n’ Romance Ballet,” at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood October 9 -17.  This imaginative rendition of the beloved fairytale promises to enthrall children and adults of all ages.

Starring a talented cast, choreographed by Alice L. Walker, with music by composer Sergei Prokofiev; the role of Cinderella will be shared by ballerinas Lilyana Kobabe and Ariana Emnace.  Enton Hoxha, a former member of the Moscow Classical Ballet, will play the Prince.

All costumes are designed and sewn in a kaleidoscope of radiant colors by Alice, and will reflect the individuality of each character.

Johnny Ow and Alice L. Walker met at a charity event in Utah and quickly discovered they had a passion to share with others; a love of dance and the performing arts.

“I was blessed by my parents,” offered Alice. “They let me do my dream.  Johnny and I talked about doing a production geared towards the imaginative.  Cinderella is a piece popular with kids and one they can relate and connect to.  It’s an uplifting story and performing on stage is a magical experience.  We want to share the beauty of dance with those that have limited access to the arts, and reach out to those having difficult times.  We hope to inspire them with Cinderella.  No matter where you are, you can get to anywhere.”

Johnny Ow, Executive Producer and Financier of ASBP, acknowledged there were some challenges along the way.  Negotiating the rights to utilize Sergei Prokofiev’s music was one of the more difficult and unexpected tasks.  Finding the cast was another.  Dance classes all over the Los Angeles area were painstakingly audited to find the right mix of dancers.

“We needed to find people that were good and we could pay.  Now we have a great group of professional dancers,” admitted Alice, “and we will strive to take you on a walk through colorful ages.”

As part of their mission to reach out and touch children’s lives, ASBP is offering special discounted shows for students of the Los Angeles Unified School District on October 9th and 16th at 11:00 am. They will include a special Q&A session with the dancers at the end of the performance.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of A Sorta Big Productions, and would like to be a part of their mission to bring awareness of the arts to children, please contact Alice L. Walker at (310) 806-2101.

School Performances October 9th and 16th at 11:00 am

El Portal Theatre at (818) 508-4200

General Admission tickets $25 – $35

October 9th – 8 pm

October 10th – 3 pm & 8 pm

October 11th – 3 pm & 7pm

October 16th – 8 pm

October 17th – 3 pm & 8 pm

Published in the Tolucan Times

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